Key visual

Ngày đăng: 13/06/2019



Key visual is the term used for the idea / innovation-oriented in terms of images and graphics which is used throughout and unity in a media campaign and marketing. Combined with other factors such as Key message – the core message, key visuals will help your campaign stand out among other campaigns that are also trying to make their mark on the mind of the target audience. Key visual – also known as master visual- is an artwork created with a specific purpose, carrying the brand’s messages conveyed in the visual language. It can be used in a new product launch campaign, promotion or a media campaign.



First of all, key visuals play an important role in making a mark on the target audience in a media campaign. Creating a good key visual is especially effective in this day and age when the target customers rarely spend time long enough to understand a product or the meaning of a media campaign. They will only spend a few dozen seconds to a short minute for a TVC, and then, the media products must be impressive enough for the message of the brand and the brand itself to stay in their minds. This is the key visual effect, because a unique and unified idea of ​​the image when interacting with the public will immediately make a mark, especially with the combination of a series of other touch points consistently use such an idea.

With the internal business, more specifically with the marketing and communication team key visual will create many advantages in launching the campaign thanks to the unified and synchronized idea. Not only that, the visual representation of key visuals makes it easy for them to visualize the message of the campaign and convey it to the media systems. For agencies, key visuals are especially important in defining a strategy because it helps their customers understand exactly about the message that will be conveyed in the campaign.